Faster Results with iTear100

For anyone living with chronic dry eyes, red and/or swollen eyes, or itchy eyes, the iTear 100 is a revolutionary medical device to manage the discomfort. Created and designed by Olympic Ophthalmics, iTear 100 is a handheld device that is FDA-cleared, portable and lightweight, and is clinically proven to deliver immediate results in just 15 seconds.

Unlike many competitors, iTear100 produces natural tear production without the need of eyedrops, medications, or lubricant. The device emits focused oscillatory energy which activates the external nasal nerve, to allow natural tear production.

Using iTear100 couldn't be simpler. Once the vibrating tip is activated by pressing a button, all that is needed is to gently touch the nose with the vibrating tip until your own body starts to produce tears.

By using iTear100, you can manage your uncomfortable eye issues quickly, and not risk irritation from the use of certain medications.

Having received FDA-approval, iTear100 has been placed alongside all other medical treatments available. Its portability, light weight and form makes it a perfect solution for on-the-go use and can be used where ever you need it.

By using the unique technology employed by Olympic Ophtalmics, iTear100 can help those with chronic eye-related issues to find relief without the use of eyedrops or other irritating medications or lubricants.


The iTear100 by Olympic Ophthalmics is revolutionizing the way dry eye patients experience relief. Unlike competitor products such as Tyrvaya, and also Xiidra, which rely on eye drops, the iTear100 utilizes focused oscillatory energy to naturally stimulate the external nasal nerve, causing the body to produce its own tears.

The iTear100 is a handheld device that delivers natural tear production without the need for eye drops, medication, or any type of lubricant. Operating the device is as simple as holding it, pressing a button to activate the vibrating tip, and gently touching the side of your nose until tears naturally begin to form. This process takes only 15 seconds of active use and is clinically tested and FDA cleared giving patients access to the safest and most comprehensive tear production solution on the market.

Moreover, patients benefit from the portability of the device, with its lightweight design making iTear100 a convenient option for individuals in need of quick relief. And since it only requires one AA battery to operate, it can easily be taken anywhere.

Regardless of the amount of time a person spends in front of a screen, the clean air in a dry climate, or simply suffering from extreme dry bursts, iTear100 can help them alleviate their discomfort when eye drops and other lubricants may not. As a natural, safe, and effective treatment, iTear100 is the perfect option for anybody dealing with chronic dry eye issues, red/swollen eyes, or itchy eyes.

If you're someone who is searching for a reliable and convenient way to get relief from your dry eye symptoms, the iTear100 could be the perfect choice for you. With 15 seconds of active use, you can receive relief without the need to constantly reach for eyedrops, medication, or any type of lubricant. iTear100, the revolutionary handheld device that puts relief in the palm of your hand.

Tired of uncomfortable and ineffective solutions for chronic dry eye, red/swollen eyes, or itchy eyes? Look no further than the iTear100, an FDA-cleared handheld medical device created by Olympic Ophthalmics that quickly and naturally stimulates the external nasal nerve to obtain natural teardrop production. No eyedrops or lubricants necessary with the iTear100; simply press a button to activate its vibrating tip, then press it against the side of your nose for fifteen seconds for relief.

The iTear100 offers an alternative to competitor products that rely on eye drops. Unlike eyedrops, the iTear100 device is lightweight and portable, allowing users to obtain fast and natural results without the mess, expense, and uncomfortable side effects that come with using eyedrops. Although its competitors rely on eyedrops, the iTear100 uses focused oscillatory energy to target its activation on the external nasal nerve, enabling your body to produce its own tears without medication or lubricants.

Thanks to the iTear100, patients can now seek relief from chronic dry eyes, red/swollen eyes, and itchy eyes with an affordable, safe, and easy-to-use handheld device. With just fifteen seconds of use, the iTear100 users can easily obtain natural tear production and be on their way to better vision and comfort.

Do you suffer from dry or itchy eyes? Olympic Ophthalmics has the perfect solution - iTear100. This revolutionary handheld device uses focused oscillatory energy to activate the external nasal nerve and stimulate natural tear production in the eyes.

Unlike other products that rely on eyedrops or medication, you can now experience the healing benefits of natural tears without the need for lubricants. All you have to do is hold the iTear100 device, press the button to activate the vibrating tip, and gently press it against the side of your nose to begin the healing process. Your own tears will begin to flow naturally within 15 seconds of activation.

The best part? It's convenient, lightweight, and highly portable. That means you can enjoy the healing power of natural tears no matter where you go. There's no need to worry about carrying eyedrops or ointments when you have the iTear100 in your pocket.

If you want to experience natural tear-stimulated relief quickly and conveniently, then the FDA-cleared iTear100 by Olympic Ophthalmics is just what you need. Call us today at 650-300-9340 to learn more about the iTear100, and to find out how you can start experiencing tear-stimulated relief today.